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Auriculotherapy With Ear Seeds

How Does It Work?

The Ear acts like a switchboard to the brain. When a point on the ear is stimulated, it send a signal to the brain that is then transported to the are of the body being treated. 


What Are Ear Seeds?

Tiny seeds from the vaccaria plant are adhered to key acupuncture points on the outer ear, depending on the condition, with tape. their size allows for them to fit over the correct area. In addition, vaccaria is known to balance energy and invigorate blood, both essential to speedy recovery. 

The ear seeds have a time-release effect and stimulate the points through light pressure for longer periods. They are often left on for several days. They can be worn alone or used between treatments as a supplement. Clients can press of them several times a day for additional benefits. Ear seeds are a painless treatment. They are small and barely noticeable. Clients enjoy the convenience and continual simulation. 


Auriculotherapy can be performed with any other treatments that we offer. 


What Conditions are Treated Using Auriculotherapy?

             More than 150 conditions can be treated with Auriculotherapy. Some common ones include:


* Back Pain

* Migraines

* Shoulder Pain

* Facial Paralysis

* Tennis Elbow

* Sciatica

* Nausea

* Peripheral Neuropathy

* Arthritis Pain 

* Allergies

* Addictions

* Hot Flashes

* Dry Mouth

* Anxiety

* Stop Smoking

* Stress

* Depression

* Insomnia

* Obesity

* Hemmorhoids

* And the list goes on and on!