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What is cupping?


Traditional Cupping refers to a specific kind of cupping that uses fire to create a negative pressure inside of a glass cup to cause a suctioning effect on the skin where skin and superficial layers of muscle are pulled up into the cup as it cools. Because the cups are placed directly on the skin and are not moved at all during treatment, you often see dark circular bruises appear from traditional cupping treatments. Traditional cupping is often bursting capillaries under the skin creating bruises, which causes the client's lymphatic system to overwork to remove the stagnant blood from the tissue.


Dynamic Cupping uses a hand operated suction pump to better control the amount of suction and avoid the obvious dangers of using fire to depressurize the cups. During a Dynamic Cupping treatment, the cups are not left stationary long enough to bruise the client, and by moving create a passive stretch to the muscles and connective tissues. This form of cupping is primarily used to treat fascia, the connective webbing surrounding all tissues and muscles. Dynamic Cupping therapists follow the lines of fascia running throughout the body in order to realign and restructure the tissue. 


Benefits of Dynamic Cupping:

-Restructure and realign fascia

-Hydrate connective tissues and muscle

-Increase circulation

-Increase lymphatic drainage

-Sedate the Autonomic Nervous System, creating a state of relaxation. 

-Address injuries, adhesions (knots), and scar tissue. 

-Treat Planter Fasciitis, and other fascial conditions. 

-Address digestive disorders such as IBS and Chrohnes

-Relieve pain from arthritis, carpal tunnel, bursitis, tendonitis, myofascial pain syndrome, and fibromyalgia.